Hewn floor trims and transition pieces

A Hewn Guide to Trims, Transition Pieces

When it comes to flooring transition from floor to floor, it's not just about the aesthetics but also a seamless flow and durability. At Hewn, we offer a range of crafted trims to enhance the beauty and functionality of your flooring. We understand that choosing the right trim is crucial for your flooring project; that’s why we offer samples of our trims. We believe in empowering our customers, installers and contractors to make informed decisions about their flooring.


Hewn floor T-Mold transition piece

When you need to transition between surfaces of equal thickness to our Stoneform®, our 94-inch T-Mold trim piece is the solution. This trim seamlessly bridges the gap between different flooring, creating a harmonious transition. Its compatibility with all thicknesses of our Stoneform™ products ensures flexibility in your home's design.

End Cap

Hewn End Cap Transition Piece

Our 94-inch End Cap trim is the perfect solution for transitioning to carpet or exterior door thresholds, including sliding glass doors. Its versatility makes it suitable for all of our Stoneform® products, ensuring a clean and polished look in any scenario. Whether you're moving from your elegant hardwood floors to plush carpet or stepping out onto your patio, our End Cap molding provides a secure and attractive transition.

Stair Nose

Hewn floor Stair Nose

Our Flush Stair Nose is exactly what you will need for Stoneform® stairs. This trim offers a natural wood stair appearance and can be used on individual stairs or an entire staircase. Its flush design provides a sleek and elegant finish that enhances the safety and visual appeal of your staircase.


Hewn floor Reducer transition piece

When transitioning to surfaces that are thinner than our Stoneform® products, our 94-inch Reducer comes to the rescue. This versatile trim piece ensures a smooth and level transition while maintaining the aesthetics of your flooring. Whether you're moving from a thicker tile to a thinner surface, the Reducer molding delivers a clean and professional look.

Quarter Round

Hewn floor End Cap transition piece

For transitions to vertical surfaces like cabinetry or walls without removing the base, our 94-inch Quarter Round is an ideal choice. This trim piece complements all of our Stoneform® products and provides a neat and elegant finish. It's the perfect option to add that finishing touch to your flooring project while seamlessly blending in. 
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