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You Asked, Hewn Answered | Here are our top 5 FAQs

We posted a series of Q&As on our Instagram, and today, we are sharing the most common questions we are asked. From stair installation to choosing the best color for your home, we have the answers for you. You can follow us on Instagram for more flooring advice, tips and tricks. Who knows, maybe you'll have the same question as someone else.


How do you install Stoneform® on stairs?

Installing our flooring on your stairs is much easier than you think, and you can even do it yourself. You will need to order our flush stair nose transition trim; we offer these in every floor color on our website. And, keep in mind, the stairs in your home will be the only place you will be adhering the flooring with caulk. Bent's Woodworking & More made a Stoneform® stair installation video that is easy to follow and will assist you in every step of installing your Stoneform® stairs perfectly.


Can Stoneform® be installed over existing flooring?

Yes, our Stoneform® can be installed over permanently-fasted floors like ceramic tile or glue-down vinyl, but it cannot be installed over floating surfaces like laminate flooring or carpet. If you plan to install your new flooring over concrete, ensure the concrete is fully cured; however, our manufacturers highly recommend using a 6 mil plastic moisture barrier or underlayment no matter what.


How do I choose the best color for my home and style?

Are you deciding between Rustic and Weathered? Maybe you're not sure whether to go with Elite or Premium. For all design-related questions, we recommend meeting with Caitlin Weerts, our in-house designer, for any design, style and color recommendations. She offers free, virtual consultations for Hewn customers, and she will help you out whether you have your samples yet or not. You can schedule a consultation with her by using this link to her scheduling calendar.


Can water get through the cracks?

Not at all! Our Stoneform® is 100% waterproof. You can let your pets on your floors with no worries, your kids can come in from being in the pool without ruining the floors, and you can hone in on your inner chef skills without worrying about spills seeping through the floors. Your little ones and furry friends will love your new flooring as much as you do because you will not have to stress about spills and accidents.


Does it feel like tile when you walk on it?

To the touch, Stoneform® is remarkably similar to hardwood, so it will not crack like traditional tile floors do. Stoneform® is a hardwood alternative that is designed to look and feel like traditional hardwood flooring.


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