Two girls walking on Hewn flooring

What Does it Feel Like to Walk on Stoneform®?

Our flooring isn't just underfoot—it's an experience. Our journey started with a simple idea: floors should be both stunning and practical. That's why we created Stoneform®.

Imagine walking on a floor that feels just like hardwood but is more comfortable and convenient. That's Stoneform® for you. It's not just another surface; it's a cozy, crack-free flooring that mimics the warmth of wood without the hassle.

What makes Stoneform® stand out? It's the feel. Every step is cushioned thanks to our special IXPE padding. This padding doesn’t just make it comfy; it also a pro quiets footsteps, turning any room peaceful.

Made mostly from stone, Stoneform® is tough, waterproof, and eco-friendly. It's the perfect mix of good looks and practicality—a floor that can handle real life without losing its beauty. Hewn isn't just about selling floors; it's about making them durable and comfortable underfoot.

In a world of trends, we're here for the long haul. Welcome to Hewn, where walking feels like a dream.

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