Hewn flooring samples

The Importance of Ordering Flooring Samples

With an array of collections featuring collaborations with renowned designers and influencers, Angela Rose and Becki Owens, we also offer an Elite line, Premium line, and Select line, ensuring a perfect fit for every style and preference. Before making the leap toward completing your space with Stoneform® flooring, there's a crucial step you must take: ordering samples.

Visualizing the Color and Texture

From the Elite line to the Select line, each variant brings unique aesthetics. Ordering samples allows you to see these planks up close, ensuring that the color scheme and texture align perfectly with your interior design vision. 

Sensory Experience

Beyond the visual appeal, feeling the texture and material of Stoneform® is an experience in itself. Running your fingers across the surface provides insight into its quality, sturdiness, and tactile comfort, making it easier to envision how it will blend into your home.

Testing Durability and Resilience

Flooring endures substantial wear and tear over time. Stoneform® is known for its robustness, but experiencing its resilience firsthand through samples allows you to assess its durability against your specific household needs. Test its resistance to scratches, spills, and foot traffic to ensure it meets your expectations.

Match Your Home's Aesthetics

Harmonizing your flooring choice with existing furnishings, wall colors, and overall ambiance is essential. Stoneform® samples enable you to compare and contrast various options, facilitating a seamless integration that complements your home's existing decor and style.

Evaluating Lighting Effects

Natural and artificial lighting play a significant role in how flooring appears within a space. By observing Stoneform® samples under different lighting conditions in your home, you can gauge how they interact with varying light intensities, ensuring your choice remains visually striking in any lighting scenario.

Confidence in Decision-Making

Ultimately, ordering samples instills confidence in your flooring decision. It mitigates the uncertainty and ensures that the flooring you choose aligns perfectly with your expectations, preventing potential regrets post-installation.

Ordering Stoneform® samples provides an opportunity to explore, compare, and confidently decide on the perfect flooring for your space.

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