Hewn's Stoneform® flooring in a bathroom

Bathroom Flooring Ideas

Are you in the process of a bathroom remodel and searching for the perfect flooring to be the foundation of your space? We've got the solution for you: Stoneform® by Hewn.

When choosing the best bathroom flooring, durability, moisture resistance, easy maintenance, and style are all essential factors to consider. With Stoneform®, you can have it all.

The most critical aspect of bathroom flooring is its ability to repel water and protect against spills, splashes, and leaks. You shouldn't have to constantly worry about compromising your bathroom flooring. With Stoneform®'s unique interlocking mechanism, moisture won't penetrate through the floor, providing the perfect solution for your bathroom.

Stoneform® is not only 100% waterproof but also durable and easy to maintain. These factors are crucial when selecting the perfect flooring for your bathroom. Given that the bathroom is an area of high foot traffic in any home, easy cleaning is a must. Stoneform® can be effortlessly cleaned with a microfiber mop or towel and a pH-neutral cleaner. Additionally, it is resistant to stains and warping, common issues found in other bathroom flooring solutions.

Your bathroom is where you begin and end your day, so it's crucial not to waste time and money on flooring that won't stand the test of time or match your design vision. With Stoneform®, you get timeless design and durability. Our color options are versatile, making it easy to pair with any home and any style. 

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