Mom and son sitting on Hewn's Stoneform® flooring.

Stoneform®: A Cut Above the Competition in Flooring Choices

In the array of flooring choices available, making the right choice for your home can be daunting. With endless materials to choose from, each boasting its own set of advantages and drawbacks, it's essential to weigh your options carefully.

We're going to delve in and compare the distinctive qualities of Stoneform® flooring, showcasing how it outshines traditional options such as carpet, hardwood, peel and stick flooring, tile, and linoleum.

Durability and Resilience: Traditional hardwood flooring may present a timeless, classic look, but it falls short in terms of durability when compared to Stoneform®. While hardwood is prone to scratches, dents, and moisture damage, Stoneform® boasts a composite construction comprising nearly 70% limestone and 30% virgin non-recycled PVC. This blend makes Stoneform® ultra-stable and highly resistant to wear and tear, ensuring longevity that surpasses that of hardwood.

Maintenance and Ease of Care: Carpet, with its plush fibers, may offer additional comfort underfoot, but it comes with the burden of high maintenance and susceptibility to stains and odors. In contrast, Stoneform® flooring requires minimal upkeep while still being comfortable, quiet, and warm underfoot. Its non-porous surface repels spills and stains, making it effortless to clean and maintain. With Stoneform®, you can say goodbye to the trouble of frequently vacuuming and deep cleaning carpet.

Design Versatility and Aesthetic Appeal: Peel and stick flooring and linoleum may offer affordability and ease of installation, but they often lack the aesthetic appeal and durability desired for long-term use. Stoneform®, on the other hand, combines the beauty of a natural wood look with an easy-to-install solution that is built to last.

Comfort and Sound Reduction: Tile flooring often lacks warmth and comfort. With Stoneform®'s attached-back padding measuring 1.5mm in thickness, it offers superior cushioning and sound reduction, enhancing comfort in any space. Say goodbye to the cold, hard surface of tile and hello to the cozy comfort of Stoneform®.

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